Previous Projects

This section can give you a better idea about the types of projects I worked on before.

Previous projects:


(Ophthalmology, cardiology, vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, oncology, clinical trials, medical insurance)

– Presentations on phacoemulsification, treatment of glaucoma, treatment of cataract, selective laser trabeculoplasty, photodisruption, orthokeratology

– Drug-specific training manuals (ophthalmic products)

– Presentations on the surgical procedure for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea

– Instructions for use of medical devices (valves, stenting systems, introducer systems, catheters, guidewires, dilators, syringes, sewing materials, probes, sterilization machines, pacemakers, pulse generators, defibrillators, hearing aids, angiographic accessories and devices, implants, ophthalmic lasers)

– Instructions for use of pharmaceutical products

– Certificates (medical certificates, full quality assurance system, compliance with the requirements of ISO standards, design examination, certificates of origin, certificates of analysis, certificates of free sale, distribution authorizations, good manufacturing practices certificates)

– Certificates of registration

– Pharmaceutical product specifications

– Declarations of conformity

– Clinical trial reports

– Clinical trial applications

– Risk assessment reports

– Risk management reports

– Clinical evaluation reports for pulse generators, guide catheters, sewing materials, microspheres to treat cancer, surgical instruments to provide hemostasis, embolic agents.

– Biocompatibility test results and reports

– Sterilization evaluation and validation

– Evidence of coverage (medical insurance)

– Discharge summaries

– Material specifications

– Cosmetic products (master formulas): creams, lotions, shampoos

– Cosmetic product safety report (skin, hair and eye care)

– Material safety data sheets

– Food supplement


– Power of attorney

– Quality agreements

– OEM supply agreements

– Contracts

– Divorce agreements

– Court documents

– Birth and marriage certificates

– Business licenses

– Company registration certificates

– Business correspondence

– Extracts from commercial register

– Technical responsibilities agreements


-Translation of the tourist web-site for one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East

– Translation of technology profile for one of the top 10 largest hotel chains in the world


– Press releases

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